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Title: Love in the Headlines

Series: Love in the Headlines #1

Can be read as a standalone


Grayson Pierce.

New York’s notorious serial dater.

Bad boy turned media mogul.

And… my current assignment.


It’s an accident. A serendipitous push when he knocks the Kindle from my hands, and then asks if he can replace it with that Casanova smile I’d seen plastered in countless magazines.

He gives me his personal number on a business card.

A card that, in a moment of panic, I use to secure the job of my dreams.

Thirty days.

I have thirty days to learn everything about him for an exposé.

To get close enough to make him fall for me.

The thing is, I’ve never been in love. Barely even been kissed.


I’m Primrose Amberly.

Kansas’ quirkiest book nerd.

A good girl tossed in shark-infested waters.

And one failure away from tucking my tail and heading back to the fields of sunflowers.


Thirty days.

That is all it takes for his bed to become my undoing.

For my dreams to come close to being realized.

For a surprising love to burn between us.

But, the clock is ticking, and I fear the choice I have to make when those thirty days are up.





C O P Y R I G H T © 2 0 1 9 C A N D A C E  K N O E B E L

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